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Social Fridays

Achieving an optimal work-life balance

Caregivers and their patients see and experience difficult life situations, trauma, and news that can be troubling. Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, or medical assistant, you can expect a life with long working hours and spending half of your life in a hospital. As hard as it can be, it is also an extraordinary thing to devote your life to taking care of others. You probably already know why it's so crucial to take care of yourself, too - here are our favorite and most useful ways to do so:

When drawing the line between your work and personal life you may be able to better monitor and identify your behaviors while you recover from work stresses.

  • Finding balance in your daily life and work can reduce these levels of stress, increase focus and concentration - helping you perform at your best, and resulting in higher job satisfaction, and health improvement.
  • Work is just one aspect in order to keep a healthy social life, you also need to have interests– books you like to read, music to listen to, cooking classes, traveling, discovering new local places within your city or town, coming up with a Youtube or Instagram channel, outdoor recreation that can later become a hobby to share with a group, the list is endless!
  • You can start on your own, or involve your friends in the process of breaking your day to day routine. The goal here is to motivate yourself to try out new things, checking out on how to fill in your energy tank and getting to spend time with your friends too.
  • Living with passion and fun is such a great way to build resilience to anything that might stress us out or bring us down!

We always have a choice about how we carve out some time for those precious moments in our day. Tune out. Invest some time in you, in your fitness and hobbies, so you can bounce back from whatever the day throws your way!

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